HQ Branches – a bit of background

Why you’re in safe hands

For over 10 years, Redder has been developing online business software for a wide range of clients. In 2007, we created the HQ suite of online business software, which includes HQ Branches, our online franchise management software.

HQ Branches

The system has been designed to have a standard set of tools to fit a broad business model, but we know that no two businesses work the same way, so we have left room for you to specify Branches to fit your exact franchise business. Because we built the system to work in this way from the start, we can be flexible, and can keep any tailoring costs low, meaning lower costs to you. Key Features

The future

HQ software is future proof, designed to be simple to add to and adjust, so HQ Branches will grow and evolve with your business. We’ll also keep data secure and optimised to ensure it performs quickly and efficiently.

HQ online business software from Redder

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